Thiago Trinsi: USA bound!!!!!!... or not!

The mega talented tapper Thiago Trinsi from Brazil, but based in Iceland... well it looks like he's away from Iceland and off to Berklee... This just posted by Thiago Trinsi on Facebook:
Berklee USA Here we go !!!! I cant wait for it !!!!!!
... if it's true... we here at TIS wish him the best of luck on his new adventure!

addendum: Thiago Trinsi says:
Hi guys , I just filed out the Applicationt to study at Berklee I will be studying Orchestration and Arrangment for Film Scoring /TV, as I have high and good grades for guitar andTechnology those credites will help me for the Masters in some how, I hope so !!!
I am very happy with All of it so I came here to share with you guys :)
The reason is also is because I am searching for some thing special for my compositions so Probably I can clear it up after theses courses ..Anyway , I am always Studying Experimenting , now with Berklee it can be a bit more Interesting!!!

So , soon I will came up with more news !.... PS: These courses are Online , so I still be here man!
Looks like Iceland will be the home base!