Travis Montgomery: threat signal interview

Jon Howard:
Threat Signal started as a very young band, some of us just fresh out of high school. Success came very quickly for us and we really didn’t know the lifestyle we were getting into. The former members chose to leave Threat Signal one by one as they realized this wasn’t the life for them. It was hard to see them go, and I was very upset at the time. But I’ve come to realize being in a band isn’t the life for everyone. Rich and George are now married with kids and are happy with that life. I’m still in contact with them.

Norm is from Hamilton and was actually the very first drummer I wanted for Threat Signal, but he was loyal to his band at the time. I got in touch with him when George left and he was available so it worked out great! Travis is from Texas and auditioned for the band through the internet. Adam was playing for us when Kyle was still in the band, he filled Marcos’ spot when he left. So basically the new lineup has been around for two and a half years. This is the longest and only time we’ve been a solid band. We are all on the same page and are ready to destroy the world for years and years to come!
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