Andreas Oberg, Jimmy Rosenberg: django's tiger

Jimmy Rosenberg with Andreas Oberg: Django's Tiger

Jimmy Rosenberg (guitar); Andreas Oberg (guitar); Per Frydenlund (rhythm guitar); Jon Larsen (rhythm guitar); Svein Aarbostad (bass).

After nearly two years Jimmy Rosenberg broke the silence with this awesome jam session. Django’s Tiger is presenting the brighter side of the young guitar genius: mostly traditional repertoire, but played with unsurpassed hardcore presence. This is the new generation of Django music. The session was also the debut recording of Andreas Oberg! The Vintage Guitar Series Volume 56.

It is now 50 years since Django Reinhardt left the building, and one may wonder who is the young master of the guitar today? The answer may be Jimmy Rosenberg (23) - the Dutch gypsy guitar player who started his international tour de force already at the age of 12. In December last year Jimmy Rosenberg recorded his new CD together with Hot Club de Norvège - DJANGO'S TIGER - his best recording so far! In a repertoire of highlights from the Django music, Jimmy Rosenberg put a new standard to the guitar, and it sounds like nobody else. DJANGO'S TIGER is gypsy swing as good as it gets! Jimmy Rosenberg's distinct tone and playful improvisations are admired all over the world, and his fan club includes artists like Les Paul, Willie Nelson, George Benson and Carlos Santana. But despite his fame he has continued his traditional gypsy life - on the road.


3. Swanee River (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
4. I'll See You in My Dreams (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
5. Seul Ce Soir (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
6. Malibu
7. Django's Tiger
8. Sweet Sue
9. Love's Melody
10. Indiana
11. C'Est Si Bon
12. Nagasaki
13. I Love You
14. Misty