Chris Brooks: on myspace and set to join shred this team

Chris Brooks is back on MySpace: Chris Brooks is set to join the Shred This team for the next competition which is in planning. Current ETA is December 2009. More details once things are firmed up.

Chris Brooks:
is currently neck-deep in the recording of his new solo album “The Axis Of All Things”! The album features over an hour’s worth of rock, fusion and progressive instrumental rock, laden with fiery, melodic and tasty guitar work, and the solid backing of drummer Peter McDonough and bassist Diem Brooks. “The Axis of All Things” is currently scheduled for release in early 2010 by Chris’ new label AXIOLOGY RECORDS. Chris will be back then to launch the new album, a new website, and introduce a bunch of new and interesting album & merch packages for you to sink your teeth into.

Don't forget you can order Chris's awesome CD's from his web site: