Jason Sadites: guitar 9 interview

Dan McAvinchey: Tell us a little bit about your new "Weve" CD. How did you come up with the concept and songs for the CD?

Jason Sadites: I didn't really set out with a particular concept for the CD as a whole. I was very interested, though, in exploring the idea of using a lot of odd and alternating time signatures throughout the songs, while making them sound rather "common". On my first CD I held back from writing anything too complex for the lack of having musicians that would be able to perform the musical ideas up to the level needed. With the musicians that I had the great fortune to work with on "Weve", that was not an issue, so I was free to write the music that I wanted regardless of the complexity level of the pieces.

Dan McAvinchey: How did you know when you had enough tunes for a CD?

Jason Sadites: I wanted to be very careful not to have a CD that seemed to ramble on endlessly. I wanted to put out a CD that the listener could listen to front to end and feel musically satisfied when it was over. It seems to me that in recent years there has been a leaning to very long CDs and personally, no matter how great the music is, I am usually looking to listen to something else after about 45 minute mark. So, on 'Weve' I put together what I felt was the right amount of music to give the listener that aforementioned musically satisfying feeling.
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