Lori Linstruth: guilt machine... the peanut butter connection...

Lori Linstruth says: Due to certain gender-specific anatomical limitations, I’ll have to take his word about the peanut butter thing:

So let me skip to the conclusion right away to save you the suspense; Guilt Machine is really fucking good. Imagine the softer side of Ayreon, particularly from the album “The Human Equation”, with a really good vocalist, who kinda sounds like James Labrie, except without sucking (and Labrie, mind you, was great on “The Human Equation”. Yes, Arjen makes magic happen). Imagine some insanely different and tasteful lead guitar playing. Add that to Arjen’s natural gift for memorable song writing hooks and a super talented drummer, and you’ve got chocolate covered cookies. It’s just fucking delicious. It’s as good as sticking your dick in peanut butter. Trust me on this.

The album is quite an introspective journey, and an interesting addition was asking for fans to send recorded messages in their mother tongue. Thus, you get this myriad of spoken passages which really connect greatly with the music and turns the album into a sort of epic confession of the soul.
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