Rob Chappers: clinic info and in Richie Kotzen mood

I think the Monkeylord picked up on the Kotzen cool blues vibes!

Rob Chappers - Modal theory clinic 12th Dec (The Strat in this video is for sale)

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Guitar instruction from Rob Chappers for an insanely low price of £40! Come enjoy the clinic and meet up with a whole group of the Monkey Lord's minions! Guaranteed to be a memorable event!

The clinic will take place on Saturday 12 December 2009. It will start at 11AM and finish at 4.30PM. Bring a guitar and if you have a small amp that takes headphones you are welcome to bring that as well.

The clinic will cover:

Modal theory:

How to make the modes
How to apply the modes
Dorian and Mixolydian licks

Coffee and Tea will be provided but bring a packed lunch.

Everyone will get a chance to play on stage for a few minutes as part of the clinic, the clinic will also be filmed for release to Rob's Youtube. This clinic is aimed at intermediate players.

This event will take place in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK.

The Strat in this video is for sale - £850 email for details.