Robert Conti: conti jazz guitar II

See and hear the new Conti Equity Edition archtop jazz guitar in this 10 minute video of excerpts from a recent live performance in Las Vegas, NV USA. The Conti jazz guitar has been designed to Robert's specifications and comprises everything he has wanted in a six string guitar for the past 40 years. Best of all, the guitar doesn't cost $6,000 or even $3,000. Conti simply wanted to make a high quality guitar, at an affordable price that was within reach of any aspiring jazz guitarist.

As with his nearly 30 educational books and DVDs, Conti has once again raised the bar when it comes to high quality products. Be sure to see photos and read the comments of some very satisfied patrons around the world at
No Modes No Scales Jazz Guitar Education

Robert Conti In Concert 6/24/2009 Jazz Guitar