News: Open Stomp an Open Source guitar pedal

Open Stomp: Open Source, Meet the Guitar World by Adam Moore
Eric Moyer’s OpenStomp effects module allows users to write and edit their sounds on a level never before granted by the guitar industry, but will people actually do it?

In the guitar world, analog purists typically look at digital proponents with a wary, disdainful eye—these are the people, after all, that believe technology can trump tradition, a touchy subject in the guitar world. Eric Moyer, the California-based creator of the open source OpenStomp—a device so unabashedly digital and computerized that many of its deepest functions require a technical degree— shrugs it off with in Huntington Beach surfer style.

“I love digital effects pedals. The sound quality of analog stuff is great, but there’s a versatility with digital stuff that I just adore,” said Moyer from his office, located a stone’s throw from the ocean. “I’m a huge fan of the Line 6 stuff—I love being able to get in there and tweak things, and there are some things that you just can’t do in analog.”
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