Orianthi: Breaking viewing records

Orianthi breaking Truth In Shredding viewing records! This young lady is getting big view ratings... I hope to have an exclusive with Orianthi real soon... so keep your fingers crossed!!

Yes here are the summary details: 37 page titles were viewed a total of 11,373 times Filtered for page titles containing "orianthi"

Check out the full report: http://www.box.net/shared/xvavigaunk


  1. Being at the right place at the right time...

  2. well that is somewhat correct... but Oranthi did have the talent to get picked. It must have been a terrible shock when Michael Jackson passed away... Imagine the kudos of playing 1 year with Michael Jackson.

  3. We all know why this blond was picked over better guitar players for the Jackson tour mate and we know she messed up her audition.
    This story is not about record views its about blatant promotion riding the Jackson name for $$$.Lots of effort was made to push out a record, video and promote this in time for the Jackson movie debut but who can blame Orianthi for riding the gravy train as she has done with other rock stars?


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