Reece Fullwood: Eumeria down one bass player

EUMERIA, the brainchild of former OUTWORLD keyboardist Bobby Williamson, is recording its debut album at Origin Sound in Spring, Texas with producer Craig Douglas (HELSTAR, NECROFAITH, LYCOPHILE). Williamson says, "Due to an unfortunate injury to EUMERIA bassist Shawn Kascak's hand, the band has chosen Derek Blakley (HAJI'S KITCHEN, THOUGHT CHAMBER) to fill in on bass to help finish up the EUMERIA recordings.

"We wanted to wait and see if Shawn's hand would heal fast enough to continue the tracking. However, we felt it wasn't worth the risk of causing more long term issues for him and important to move forward with the production of the album.

"Derek and I were both bandmates in THOUGHT CHAMBER's debut, 'Angular Perceptions', which was released on InsideOut/SPV in 2007. If you listen to that album, you'll realize Derek is quite a beast on the bass.

"Shawn was able to squeeze out two songs bass, so he will indeed be on the album.

"We wish Shawn a speedy recovery, and are confident he'll be with us on the Triton Power Cruise show coming up at the end of April as we'll be a support act for EVERGREY.

"Aside from that, the album is almost finished and we'll be showing it to labels very soon."
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