Rob Chappers: buy the Monkeylord's CRAP!

Monkeyfest 2010

Shred Senior begs forgiveness... Lord knows I try... but sometimes I miss the Monkeylord videos... maybe too many subscriptions... anyway my apologies to the Chappers... check out these Monkeylord Vignettes!

Orange Rockerverb 50 for sale - £800
Your chance to buy the Monkey Lord's Orange Rockerverb 50 (Handwired reverb).
The amp is battle scarred but sounds great.

**It is available for pickup only please, from Wiltshire, UK.**

The amp retails at £1000.
... Remember "The only way is the Subway!!" BUY

Orange Rockerverb 50 for sale - £800

YEAHA Chappers, cows... Monkeyfest: Post your video responses:

Monkey Vs Cow

Shady Dave receives the WIN ;-)

Many thanks to Chris for delivering the win, and huge thanks to all the beautiful people who made this happen

Chappers -

Shady Dave receives the WIN ;-)