Sam Vallen: odd not groupings

Unpredictability part 3:
Odd-Note groupings made "easy"

Sam Vallen

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This is the final in a series of three lessons.

Guitarists seem to get stuck in ruts working on triplet and quaver based patterns. I think it's a shame considering the fact that a lot of the new breed of guitar players end up sounding very alike, especially in their faster work, All it takes to sound unique is a little experimentation in your practice time!

And I intend to fix this by showing you some ways you can spice your regular licks up with often overlooked ideas and techniques.

This third and final video covers ways a regular three-note per string scale shape can be adapted via some often overlooked pick strokes or shapes to allow for quintuplets and septuplets to be played with very little effort.

Gear in this video: Ibanez RG350FM with Seymour Duncan pickups, straight into an Orange Tiny Terror combo. The audio examples are the same guitar, but through my ENGL Powerball with a Boss DD-6 in the loop.

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Unpredictability part 3 - Odd-note groupings made "easy"

Unpredictability part 3 - Odd-note groupings made "easy"