Tom Quayle: tq105 going through changes... pop that kettle on!

I was listening to Tom Quayle's demo in the car today... but not knowing it was Tom... I looked down saw the name... and thought... wow this guy really is a top fusion player... This guy has licks and musicality to die for... Enjoy!

Tom Quayle says:
Here's an off the cuff improvisation over the following changes in 3/4 using my Suhr Custom Standard.

Ebmaj7, Db7sus4, F#maj7, B7sus4, Cmaj7, Ebmaj7#11, Bbmaj7, Ab13.

The backing track was done in Logic using Spectrasonics Trillian and Stylus RMX plugins.

Hope you enjoy - I'm trying to be as lyrical as possible and rhythmically interesting here.

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