David Locke: locked and loaded

This guy knows how to play... taste style... another 140+ videos to look through as well! MySpace folk can become friends: http://www.myspace.com/davidlocke

Dave. Mr. Locke. Dr. Spock of clock-shocking rock. Or just cock - whatever persona he takes on, DL is the ultimate tortured musician. Currently unsigned because of a refusal to undergo the mcflysation process, or resort to playing Bryan Adams covers (however much I suggest it), he stalwartly supports the thinking mans metal. All things must change however, and the ginger mans fortunes must be in the offing. With so much talent and skill (yes, he actually plays EVERY instrument on each recording) no world would be able to hold him down for long. A master of every instrument, time signature (ack!) and chord, he has an unusual and brilliant, never-ending thirst for knowledge, showing a real love, not for rock, metal, prog, country, indie, but simply music of every description. The only thing is, the bastard is so damn good at all of it. Great things, I tell you great things youll see. Bob Thomas

David Locke:
Testing out my new Vintage Icon series in Laguna Blue. Improvising over a "little wing" backing track. Used a carvin Bel-air amp and crunch channel on a blackstar pedal.

Little Wing (Improv)

David Locke:
Me testing out the new Vintage Icon in Laguna Blue. Great guitar, and even better price! I'd recommend everybody trying out one of these guitars. Great sounding Wilkinson Pickups and stable tuning. Go and see for yourself, you will be amazed!

Riding Out Youth (Vintage Icon Laguna Blue)

David Locke:
Me playing another take on the solo in Sebastian Persini's song Closer using my new vigier Expert won in Guitarist magazine competition. Check out sebastian's vid and his music!

Closer (Guitar solo)

David Locke:
Me playing around on my new Vintage Icon in laguna blue. I think you'll agree that they sound great and incredibly good value for money too. Played through a blackstar pedal and Carvin Bel-Air.

Vintage Icon Laguna Blue