Joe Satriani: chickenfoot special show reminder

Hello People of the Foot!

We wanted to give you a final reminder on the special one-night only event happening Tuesday, December 1st (that's tomorrow -- or today depending on when you read this). That's right, it's a special screening of a Chickenfoot live show in movie theaters as part of the new Sony Presents Digital Cinema Music Series.

For participating theaters and tickets, please visit

If you attend one of these screenings, please mark your attendance and share your reviews on CHICKENFOOT.US here!

Please note that there has been a change in the venue for Los Angeles! The new location is:

The Bridge: Cinema Deluxe
The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center
6081 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045


A quick update on the special last show of the year in Vegas-- tickets are sold out for the Meet & Greet and Soundcheck packages, but there are still regular tickets remaining so if you want to join us in this last show of the year you better grab 'em quick! Pick up your tickets here:

We are also doing a special webcast from VEGAS soundcheck where the band will be also announcing the winner of the contest to win an AUTOGRAPHED CHICKENFOOT GUITAR (plus merch swag pack). To upload your own and vote on your favorites, visit CHICKENFOOT.US.