Marcel Coenen, Frank Schiphorst: magnum opus rockestra

December 2008 was the first edition of Christmas Metal Symphony in The Netherlands in a venue called 013 in Tilburg.

The second edition of CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY (December 20. 2009) in 013 - Tilburg is already in full progress. For those of you who don't want to miss out on this unique Christmas show, you can order your tickets as of Saturday September 5. 2009 when the official presale starts an to make shure that your Christmas will never be the same....!

Normally, December would be the month of the year to bring you joy and prosperity but this year that will not the case for the true metalfan! Due to the cancellations of the DIO and Slayer concerts in Holland, the portion of December metal has seriously decreased. But fortunately... Christmas Metal Symphony is still firmly scheduled in the calendar of 013 in Tilburg (The Netherlands) on Sunday December 20th.

To ease the pain of all metalfans who thought that they could have a fully booked metalmonth, 013 and the staff of Christmas Metal Symphony have decided to lower the ticketprice for CMS. Everyone who buys his / her ticket now, will benefit from a discount of € 3,50, so the new ticketprice for CMS will be € 29,00 !! (excl. servicecostings)

Anyone who already has bought their ticket will get the first 2 drinks on the house! Just go to the special bar in he lobby and show them your ticket with the full price printed on it and you will receive 2 tokins for your first drinks. This way we will toast with all of you on the succes of CMS 2009...Europes most unique metalshow!

Some of last years visitors told the organisers of CMS that they expected more metalclassics in the show. Since we took this very seriously, you may expect an extra high percentage of true metalclassics performed by metallegends like Jorn Lande, UDO, Mats Levén, Cristina Scabbia, Simone Simons, Charlotte Wessels, Joakim Brodén, Mark Jansen, Damian Wilson and hosted by our very own MC: George Oosthoek. Christmas Metal Symphony will give you your well deserved portion of true metal, so you will be well prepared for your mandatory Christmas diner...

This unique show will be musically backed by the amazing 30-piece MAGNUM OPUS ROCKESTRA (conducted by Marcel Heijen) and our own CMS band: Santa's Little Helpers featuring Joost van den Broek, Koen Herfst, Jeffrey Revet, Frank Schiphorst, Johan van Stratum and Marcel Coenen. Prepare yourself for a great metalparty at 013 in Tilburg and we will take care that you will get your well deserved portion of metal before Christmas!

Doors will open at 7 PM and the show will start at 8.30 PM. If you want more info: check out or buy your tickets at

This video shows the edition of 2008 when Russell Allen (Symphony X) was one of the guest singers.
The song played is "Evolution, The Grand Design" and features besides Russell Allen on Vocals:

Koen Herfst - Drums
Frank Schiphorst - Guitar
Marcel Coenen - Guitar
Joost Van Den Broek - Keyboards
Jeffrey Revet - Keyboards
Johan van Stratum - Bass

Plus the Magnum Opus Rockestra !!