Marcello Zappatore: live dates

Tuesday, December 22
Kyrios - Lecce - bossa trio with Paco Carrieri and Debby Lou
Wednesday, December 23
in the afternoon to Oria with Nadia Martina
Wednesday, December 23
the evening, Guagnano at Game City with Alex Contino and Fabrizio Di Salvo
Saturday, December 26
private party to Verdala with Flavio Jordan and his band
Sunday, December 27
with the Big Lebowski Blues Band at Kavè of Vigils
Monday, December 28
jam session with Pride and Joy ak Kavè of Vigils
Tuesday, December 29
Alex Contino at Suite Café Salice Salentino
December 31
New Year at Stuzzicami Leverano with Alex Contino and Anthony Ferriero