News: avatar... 3D cgi just got better

Just come back from this movie... nothing short of stunning graphics. If you are a CGI fan, you'll be blown away by them. Just need to find an IMAX now ;)

Avatar, directed by Oscar winning director James Cameron, is from now on the world’s most expensive movie. Cameron is hardly a stranger of new technology and computer animation, with creations like Terminator and Aliens on his list of merits, but he has now raised the bar with his latest sci-fi action flick Avatar. The movie has received praise on previews before the movie reaches theaters in a few days and a lot is about the really cool 3D and CG effects.

Around 60% of Avatar is said to have been created using computers and the new 3D Fusion Camera system that was used not only requires a lot of processing power, but also a lot of storage space. The entire rendering of Avatar requires over 1 Petabyte of storage space, which is the equivalent of 500 harddrives of 2TB each. This means that just storage costs nearly $100,000.,10411.html

Avatar: The Movie (New Extended HD Trailer)


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