News: Milan Polak TRex competition my top 25!

A to Z order


  1. Great top 25, congrats guys! :)

  2. Wow number 16/194 entries!Thank you so much Laurie!Congrats to all! :)


  3. Ok,it s a A to Z list,so there s no ranking yet!That s even better that I was thiking!So thx a lot for putting me in!And forget my previous message :D


  4. Congrats to everyone in the top 25. I look forward to seeing who comes out on top. Some fantastic entries, not only up there but also some that are not on the list, great standard of playing.

    Adam Ironside

  5. yes... I did have a top 63

    plus anyone out side of that list could still be hot... it's just you have to get down to a number... It's not until you do it, you realise how hard it is.

  6. This is "your" top, i think, cause there are some guys that dont deserve to be in the top 25, there are a lot of better guitar players on the contest, but also there are a lot of crap ones who dont deserve to be in the real top 25, copared to the ones i am talking about.

    Hope in this contest there will be no "friends" in the judgeds voting his mates....

  7. yes this is my top 25. The judges come up with their own lists... which are different to mine. We're still trying to agree a winner.

  8. Marko Vesovic, one and only!!
    Id like to he won this competition!! :)


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