Rob Balducci: bloppers and licks

Rob Balducci says:
Hey , Welcome to the last Track ILU -9-05 the bonus track from my new CD Violet Horizon. I want to first start off that this version in the video does not do the track justice. I did it pretty quick and was not able to mess around with two different delays like the track from the CD was recorded. This to me is very Gilmourist, especially on the CD version. I had that style in mind when composing this track. I did two versions when recording and it was all improvised. The track on the CD is the one we chose to be released.

The track ILU = I love you and the numbers after the title are my wife Carina's birth date. This was inspired by her. In many ways a lot of my material comes from people and things that are around my life all the time.

At the end of the video are some outtakes and some bloopers, which I think are funny. We had to bleep them because I curse a lot lol... Special thanks to Steve and Thom Simonson for doing the filming and the sound. You guys Rock!


12-8-09 Lick Of The Week Track #15 ILU -09-05 - plus credits and bloopers