Sloth Chubsteen, Slimer, Chunk: a blue christmas

Sloth Chubsteen says:
This video goes out to G3. We hope they do another tour this year. Well, If they don't we will still be jamming! I call this piece "elementary school blues" I am 9 years old and have been playing for 6 months now, hadn't touched a guitar for two weeks when my brother filmed this. Jump to the 6:20 mark is when it starts to get good!

This is what guitar playing is all about! Jamming with family and friends sharing the love of music! This was the first time i messed around with tremelo picking in the style of EVH and Shawn Lane! Happy holidays and thanks for watching!

Shred Junior wishes the G3 crew all the best for the Christmas season.

G3 2010- Slimer, Sloth, and Chunk