Steve Hubbard: mesa boogie mash up

Steve Hubbard says:
I threw together this demo for those of you that are curious to hear the Mark Five.. This amp has endless tonal possibilities, and is incredibly versatile.. Here are the three settings that I currently use in my live setup! For the settings that you may not be able to see, I have the amp set on Full Power mode, 90 watts on each channel, and triode on Ch.3

The amp is running into an Orange 212 cabinet, with vintage 30's, mic'd with a shure beta57, slightly off center..

I'd also like to appologize for the lame jam video at the end.. The idea is to show you what the Mark sounds like in the mix of a track!

**Please realize that there is plenty of gain available on this amp-- I have channel three set at a fairly low-gain tone..

Mesa Boogie Mark Five Demo / Jam