Theodore Ziras: shred up the pentatonics #1

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Theodore Ziras-Lick of the Week #59: Shred Up Your Pentatonics Part1
to download the tab and the backing track click here

Lesson Description:
This is a great (and typical) Minor Pentatonic Lick in the style of Zakk Wylde, Jimmy Page etc
This ilik is based on the first box of Eminor Pentatonic Scale (E, G, A, C, D)

Memorize the Lick that I am showing you on the video (see the tab below).
Then try to apply over the metronome and then over backing tracks when you feel comfortable.
Dont forget. Always practice with a metronome. There is no point to play fast and sloppy.
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Lick of the Week 59 - Shred Up Your Pentatonics Part1