Tom Quayle: shred knowledge interview

Andy james is a guy you've played along side and was battling against in greg howes comp , Andy lives a mile up the road from me Tom, I found out when I bought his old Brian Moore axe, Ive just interviewed a fellow student of Shaun Baxter who said of him , "He could play all of passion and wafare note for note at 16" You and he are completely different in styles but tell us about that experience.
That was an interesting experience. It was weird as I had a strange feeling whilst the competition was running that this was my lucky one and I could actually win. I felt that Greg would identify with my playing as it was close to the style he played himself. I stayed up till about 3.30am on the day the competition results were announced and I must admit coming second after Greg said he deliberated for hours over his choice was quite gutting for me at the time. I was so into Greg’s playing that I really wanted to win his competition. In hindsight and knowing what an incredible monster of a player Andy is, I’m totally happy to come second to the great man! He’s a total shred beast!
It’s a very bizarre feeling knowing that Greg Howe knows my playing and liked it enough to deliberate over it for hours!

Thats exellent advice Tom thanks, sowhat do you have planned for 2010?
This coming year is an exciting one for me with many things happening. I’m playing for Toadworks at NAMM in LA in January and will be jamming on the Suhr booth with a few monster players. If I can find Greg Howe, he’s getting cornered for a play too! I’ll be at Frankfurt Musikmesse again too so I’m looking forward to that.
I aim to have my debut album finished and released in 2010 too. I’m finding the writing process very slow at the moment as I’m swamped with teaching but I’m getting there. There’ll be some monster players on it too with the likes of Adam Nitti on Bass, Alex Argento on Keys and a few guest guitar solos from some well known players.
I’ve also been booked for Rob Chapper’s Monkey Fest due to take place on my birthday of all days! It runs at the end of August and features performances from awesome players and workshops from the likes of Matius Ekhlund and Eddie Kramer. Should be a whole lot of fun!

George Marios and I will be writing and recording the Tea for Two (T42) album this year too.
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