Volker Scheidt: slow and beautiful #1

Volker Scheidt
Volker Scheidt:electric guitar school freiburg

Please help me to send the video around:)
Thank you!!
Merry christmas and happy holidays my guitar friends all over the world!

Here is a very melodic guitar video to end the year on a peaceful way:)

This is actually Part 1:)
I play as simple as possible and try to forget about speed and everything..

there will be a Part .2 soon
Full shred / Neoclassical style
There i will take no Prisoners and play like a madman:)

I wanna thank everyone out there for supporting me , writing mails and showing respect for melodic guitar music.
Without your support i would not be so sucessful as a guitar teacher:)

I also want to thank God for the gift of music
I'm so thankful to go my way with music all day long:)

This video is dedicated to my parents:
Udo and Erika


Slow and beautiful / Play melodic guitar series Part .1