Andy James: Shred This Too

Wow, totally blown away that the shred Meister Andy James has had a quick jam over that backing track!! Asked about his skills

Andy James says:
Proper practice, not as often as id like. Having said that I play alot for my job but isnt always stuff I want to play. But it pays the bills, cant complain about that. As for songs, all the learn to play stuff ive done for licklibrary, I dont remember a note of it. Maybe thats because when Ive done the job I never play the stuff again. Im better with my own stuff, but its not as difficult to remember my own licks as it is someone elses.

Andy James says:
This isnt a proper entry for the competition. I just thought id have a go at jamming something out over the track just for fun. The playing isnt perfect but hope you guys like it anyway and feel free to leave any comments.



shred this too vid Andy James


  1. O_O There are no words that will adequately describe that. Completely frakking awesome!! O_O

    I think I'll go burn my guitars now ...


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