Francesco De Gregorio: a cup of tea inspiring the Shred This Too response!

That's my take on this incredible backing track ... I'd better say those are my takeS . Yeah , as you can see in the video, i started to record but i wasn't in the best conditions to do something good for all that time. So i had a rest then a cup of tea after that good take that the video starts with , then i recorded the last bars that were surely more challenging ( I don't have the time to practice more on this BT in this days, i'm currently recording other milions of things lol ) . I don't care if this entry as not everything that they want for the contest , i just recoded something not to win, but to have fun and first of all because i really respect lauriemonk and Marco Sfogli, that is one of the greatest player that we got here in Italy .

Now I have to apologize for:

- Appearing like an homeless man
- Being too serious

Francesco "Fruja" De Gregorio - Shred This Too with Marco Sfogli