Jacqueline Mannering: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

200th video entry for the competition!!!! http://www.youtube.com/video_response_view_all?v=Q9QH-2U9W2M

Jacqueline Mannering is the third female entry into the competition. Jacqueline is known for her endorsement with Dean guitars and phenomenal "to die for" video view count (3 top videos with over 1,000,000 views each).

This video already had these accolades by the time I commented!

#19 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music
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Well all this attention is obviously paying off as Jacqueline Mannering delivers a great little solo! Note there were already 100 comments before I got to post mine... Enjoy!

Shred This Too entry Jacqueline Mannering


  1. Oh dear Lord... she's back...

    I've given her a lot of criticism and although I'm pleased to see she had improved a lot (previous entries in other competitions were simply appalling) I still can't stand her.

    But that's just one opinion out of -as it seems- a million. Onwards and upwards...

    Cheers Mr Monk!

  2. hi am Mrinmoy ....i am become your big fan ...am also like your shredding,sweep picking .n solos in taping..n also try to copy you....may i can chat with u......in orkut...please............please.....................
    n i want to become your frind.....so please...its my request

  3. Alfred HugeCock09/04/2010, 00:08

    Yo(a little feedback),

    I don't mean to be mean but your left hand fingers and the pick in your right hand need to be in sync allways, unless you're tremolo picking. The learning process of the basic techniques is really dull, but you really need to know them if you want to sound good and improve. If you continue using the wrong techniques, they will stick and you won't be able to get rid of them. Learn the scales, you just can't play anything over a A-minor scale for example. All the wrong notes in your solos stand out so bad i wan't to bash my head in the wall...it's unbelievably disturbing to listen to that. HOPE THE GUITARIST HERSELF ONE DAY READS THIS.

  4. sounds like me when i first tried to 2 play lead guitar. after listening to this, i now feel sorry for my mom who had to bear with me then. it's people who dont know music and the instrument who propel these people into (lame) fame.

  5. sorry to say but this is a novelty more than a great guitarist. there are bad notes everywhere. i hope she gets better one day rather than just playing guitar-note-vomit on the fretboard.

  6. If she were male...they'd rip her to shreds. They just would. But because she's female and non-repulsive, they fawn over her. I've been searching for what she has done that warrants the page views, gushing, and endorsement deal.

    No ear. Barely able to play with her 4th finger on her left hand. Limited style...wtf?

    She's cute as a bug's ear in a creepy, Margaret Keane painting sort of way. That's about it tho. Wouldn't matter but a boy with the same abilities would be laughed at. An unattractive girl called nasty names...

    What gives? This is why the internet is EVIL! She should be practicing her butt off out of the public eye. Instead she's showing off bad technique, lack of musicality, and limited skills. Fine and dandy, but there are young ones who won't see that. They'll only see the packaging and if they try to copy her...I foresee injury.

    Now I have to watch Orianthi as a reminder that yes, females CAN play.

  7. She is the most overrated guitarist i've ever seen. The fact she is popular makes me wanna throw up. Her tone is rabbish, her technique is totally not that good plus she doesnt use her pinky and most of all --> She plays harder things than she is able to. Her sound is really dirty, she cranks the gain up to 10 , having no clue what tone means and her playing is really sloppy and posering. The song she wrote called "Raining" is 100% pop , but the rythmic guitar has distortion, instead of overdrive. The solo-fills she does while singing are too crunchy (obviously she plays with the crunchy pickup, that is made for rythmic guitar, when she is supposed to play with the other pickup). What annoys me more, she doesnt have ANY self-criticism. She uploaded some pretty terrible covers as a begginner (e.g. stairway to heaven solo , as i am solo, cannon rock cover with the sloppiest and dirtiest playing ever) and now she uploads videos giving advice on how to become a great guitarist and about techinque!!!! LOL IRONY!!!! Also she's seriously not pretty, for the people they thing that she became famous of her being pretty. Her only serious audience --->10 year old boys and girls, who see her playing fast ( i bet she doesnt know what she is playing, she just tremolo picks and taps random frets). Anyone who says she is good is a retard, a deaf or a 10 year old girl. Music is subjective yes, but thats not music. Sorry girl, you re never gonna make it in the music buissness. You may sell 2-3 songs to maybe 100 kids, but you ll go that far ! Tough critisism , but you know...

  8. good comments :)

  9. she is a guitarist version of selena gomez and miley cyrus. she sucks. reminds me of the way i fooled my cousing. i crancked the gain all the way up, made some noises, stupid notes, outta scale, blah blah blah.........well u cant cheat everyone..... she is getting record deals and endorsement deals because she has some styles. music is melody and coolness. not noises.

  10. Poor jealous bastards. Just practice and shut up!


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