Tiago Della Vega: hybrid new CD

The first solo CD of the world's fastest guitarist, a mix of musical genres that Tiago's guitar blends with various ethnic influences.
Among the songs on the CD also has the performance, the impressive speed of 320 bpm, the flight of the bumblebee Korsakov which sealed the entrance to the Vega Tiago in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest guitarist in the world.

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1. Bugus
2. Destiny
3. Caprice 24 (Paganini Version)
4. Lost
5. Violet Rose
6. Distant Dreams
7. The Flight of the Bumblebee (the World's fastest music)
8. Acalanto


  1. Tiago is an absolute ledgend and i look up to him when i play on my les paul.

    also im struggling to find tabs for the hybrid song can you help out

    Brad... the only person to rate 5* so far....


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