Jacqueline Mannering: over 1000 ratings for Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Jacqueline Mannering view count continues to build... already significantly more that the competition video with 43,267 views as I type... more interesting is that there is over 1000 ratings and 500+ comments too! Not sure what this equates too, but it show Jacqueline Mannering has captured a YouTube Zeitgeist of some sort. The great thing from my point of you is that Jacqueline Mannering is putting in the time with her playing and is getting better with each video. Now if I get Shred Junior to work more on the guitar... In terms of shred this, I also have to thank Jacqueline Mannering as her video has "First referral from related video - Shred This Too entry Jacqueline Mannering" count of 916!!! So TIS thanks Jacqueline Mannering for her support!

Shred This Too entry Jacqueline Mannering


  1. Great talent from a young guitarrist. Keep it up kid.


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