KillrBuckeye: the cat's rising

Fans of Petruccifever Strings On fire will no doubt love this track... my cat does! and so it seems does KillrBuckeye's too. I just love this track... you do too... so grab your copy!

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This is my second metal composition for YouTube! All of these riffs were written during the past 3 months, and I spent quite a bit of time coming up with an arrangement that worked. It was more challenging than "Arrival", because there are 4 tempo and time signature changes in the song! I had to experiment a bit to make the transitions between these sections smooth, but I'm pretty happy with the finished product. I think it's quite different from my first song ("Arrival"), but hopefully you will like it!

As usual, I recorded all guitar and bass (pitch-shifted guitar) tracks direct using my Line 6 POD X3. Drum tracks were created using Toontrack EZdrummer with the Drumkit from Hell add-on (thanks to RedSGShredder for the suggestion). I used REAPER (DAW software) to record, mix, and master the tracks on my computer. Eventually I'll write a bit about this recording process on my website. Note that in the video I'm simply demonstrating how to play the main guitar parts. The guitar I used in this video and for the recording is a Washburn X50 Pro FE (except for the clean part, for which I used a Yamaha Pacifica 112).

Special thanks goes to PetrucciFever ( ) for his valuable feedback and suggestions that helped me to finalize this song! Please download his FREE album. You will LOVE it!

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KillrBuckeye - The Rising (original metal song, instrumental)