News: I missed get tickets for tat free rage against the machine show!

Rage Against The Machine reached the Christmas No. 1 spot thanks to those that bought the single and now the massive 'Thank you' gig that was promised is finally here!

On Sunday 6th June, Finsbury Park will host the victory party to end all victory parties!

The victory marks a stunning upset against the heavily favoured X Factor single. Following the massive Facebook campaign to make the 1992 track top the Christmas charts, RATM will play a free concert in celebration of this incredible triumph.

You spread the word, you swayed the outcome, you made music history!

Now let's celebrate!


  1. Oh that's a bummer! I have been trying to catch Rage against the machine live for a long time but I am unsuccessful. I love their songs, vocals and of course, percussions. So talented!


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