News: Shred This Too OFFICIALLY nearing the end

OK.. I can't give you any details... even I don't know the winner at this point... I've been told that I will be killed if I am told ;)... so I don't want to know... I'll close my eyes when I get to upload the video... just in case :D... However what I can tell you is this... Marcos Sfogli is, as we speak, putting together his video to indicate who Marco thinks is the winner... what was that noise? .... Is that a man with an ice axe I see behind me?.... aaAArrRRRgggGGHHh...


  1. Now that's what I like to call a dilemma Laurie!!
    300 + shredders impatiently standing behind you with ice picks wanting to know who the winners are...Marco threatening to carve you up with an axe if you leak any information. LOL


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