Rob Chappers: Chapman guitars open for business... ML1 the look of \m/ WIN \m/

ML1 Unleashed!:
We are very proud to announce the launch of Chapman Guitars with the CG-ML1. This marvellous slice of collaboratively designed win pie is brought to you by the fair hand of Rob Chappers, with help from the many thousands of wonderful people who voted on the various specs of the build. Those lucky enough to own the ML1 are part of a heritage and a family of which I am proud to be the founder of.
Rob Chappers says:
 Chapman Guitars is live, go to
where you will find all sorts of epic shizzle, including pictures, videos, interviews...with me... and other cool stuff. Those of you who reserved the first ever Chapman Guitars - CG ML1 will now have just been sent an email as of 8PM (UK time) 15th Feb, if you don't get the email please contact me at

Lastly a huge thanks to my awesome manager Dan davies for making the website and managing my hairy ass! And to Svee Wheeler for doing all sorts of graphical wizardry at the beginning of the ML1's journey ;-)

Chappers out

The Chapman Guitars website is live:

ML1 Heritage
500 blank canvases, waiting for you to to claim your rightful place among the Chapman Guitars ML1 heritage. Each of these white squares represents one of the CG-ML1 guitars that has been reserved, purchased, and shipped to someone anywhere in the world. The guitars are issued with an ID number - and each white box corresponds to the ID number of your guitar. When you get your ML1, we would like you to add a photograph of yourself with your ML1, and tell us about yourself.