Slimer,Lil Maynard: Monkey Lord, Daddario, and Planet waves in for a shock!

I hope Robs ears can hold out for this one... Slimer,Lil Maynard deliver their death metal ode to the fortitude required to grasp at the fragile strings of life on a desert island, of the solitary man's fight against the elements and the fundamental trichotomy of home, food or water ... all in 24 seconds!

Slimer,Lil Maynard shout:
Thanks Monkey Lord, Daddario, and Planet waves for the contest! My name is Slimer, I am nine and have been playing for 8 months. Me and my brother Lil Maynard want to start a death metal band. Thanks for watching!

monkey lord daddario planet waves competition- Slimer and Lil Maynard