Volker Scheidt: slow and beautiful #2

Volker Scheidt
Electric guitar school Freiburg / Germany
Modern electric guitar teaching

This is Part 2 of my slow and beautiful series:
Here i'm playing with my Ibanez Blue Floral Pattern Guitar a very simple melody...
This was actually the only take after i found the melody..
After the fast shredding i was ready to go back to the super slow melodic stuff:)

watch out for some new videos coming soon.....
Hopefully..... I'm still recording:)

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Here are more informations about the Blue floral pattern guitar:
It has a very smooth sound and i use it often with my flowerpower jem for the super slow guitar playing:)
Those guitars are so beautiful :)
I can't describe it HaHa

God bless you


Slow and beautiful Part.2 A tribute to the Ibanez Blue Floral Pattern Guitar