Yvi Wylde: new CD

Yvi Wylde:
I just wanted to let you know, that my band GEE's new album "Fame" will be released in March this year. There will be 13 songs on it, from rock to pop, and of course, the guitar is the main instrument.

So if you like rock and pop music and the 80s, check out my new video. I play the song "Fame" from the upcoming album. If you like it, you can preorder the CD by sending an e-mail to yvi@gee-band.de or just by sending me a message here on youtube. You'll get the special preorder price for my myspace friends, only 13 Euro for international buyers. You can also find more songs on www.myspace.com/geeband

He's The One / She's The One (Shallalala) solo - GEE-

Yvi plays one song from the upcoming album of her band GEE "Fame".

You can already preorder it for an extra preorder price:
- 8 Euro + 2 Euro shipping for German customers
- 8 Euro + 5 Euro shipping for international customers.

Just send an e-mail to yvi@gee-band.de

Fame -Yvi Wylde Promo Video