Max Huffstickler: D'Addario & Planet Waves campfire cook out!

A very nice touch having a burning Rob Chapman ML1 as you play a strat... and sing Rob Chappers latest hit!

Recently I learned a song by Rob Chappers called Breath. The song is all about inspiration, musical passion, and literally finding your voice for singing.

Well soon after I learned the song I started riffing around with it and wrote a bunch of new material. After about a week or two of everyday writing something a little bit new and a little bit more fun I decided that I would take the best of everything I had just come up with and put it into a tribute song.

Breathing Back is the song that resulted. Ive also decided to enter it into the Monkey Lord D'Addario Planet Waves competition.

God Bless:
Ark Angel HFB

P.s. This vid was hell making The fire was ether to big or way to small embers kept flying off and I was worried at any moment one would land on me my guitar or worse my new Vox. Oh and when I wasnt dodging burn pieces of ash and wood the fire would start dieing down. The entire recording of the bass track I couldnt put into the vid because of it being too dark Like I said Hell

On the up side we had marshmallows afterwards yummy, yummy marshmallows