Vivien Lalu,Joop Wolters,Steve Walsh,Marco Sfogli,Alex Argento: NEURASTASIA

This is a pre-production demo from the NEURASTASIA cancelled project. The title of the track is "Painting The Skies".

Song lineup:

Steve Walsh (Kansas) - Vocals
Vivien Lalu - Keyboards, programmed bass, composition
Joop Wolters - Guitars
Simon Phillips (Toto) - Drums

Guest soloing:

Marco Sfogli - Guitar solo at 03:05
Alex Argento - Keyboard solo at 03:17

Vivien Lalu 's Neurastasia - Paint The Skies (pre-production demo)

This was Shadrane'2004


Vivien Lalu - keys
Alex Argento - keys
Joop Wolters - guitar, bass guitar
Daniel Flores - drums
Chris Catena - vocal

Goran Edman - vocal
Mark Boals - vocal
Chris Heaven - vocal
John West - vocal
Damian Wilson - vocal
Gilles Petersen - vocal
Hubi Meisel - vocal
Katia Salemi - vocal
Vitalij Kuprij - keys
Mistheria (Mistheria) - keys
Kelly Simonz - guitar
Tommy Denander - bass guitar
Anders Johansson - drums
Mike Terrana - drums
John Macaluso - drums
Virgil Donati - drums
Matt Bissonette - drums
Simon Phillips - drums