Brian Larkin: TRex Milan Polak Strings In Fire 2 - ALERT fretless mayhem!

Brian Larkin:
Begin longest video description ever: Of the contests I've participated in thus far, the turnaround time between the completely spontaneous decision to participate (2 days ago) and the upload for this one was the shortest. Somehow this one got past me, as I wasn't really seeking out contests for a while, but as soon as I came out from under my rock and heard this AWESOME backing track, I knew I HAD to do something for it. For some reason, I thought this one was just begging for some fretless playing, so I spent a few days improvising, tossing around different ideas, and this is what I came up with. I don't think it's a winning entry by any stretch (and in any case I think using a fretless sort of automatically disqualifies me as I guess it could be seen as gimmicky?), but I genuinely had fun whipping this one together. I hadn't picked up a fretless in months (probably since I did my last fretless video last December), so I was rusty, and that made it extra-challenging. Sorry for the long description, I just felt like this one needed it.

Brian Larkin: Milan Polak's "Strings on Fire 2" contest entry - Fretless!