Chris Poland,Gary Hoey,Brian Tarquin: guitar masters volume 3 and 4

BHP Music and Producer/Guitarist Brian Tarquin have announced the release of the Les Paul Dedication - Guitar Masters Vol. 3 & 4. Already, the anticipation for this extraordinary compilation of guitar greats is building. The 2-CD collection of new recordings & rare classic tracks, includes the original 1940s Why Do I Love You from the late six-string trailblazer, Les Paul & His Trio, for whom this Guitar Masters release has been dedicated. Featured artist Howard Hart sums up the albums focus, "I can't imagine the current evolution of guitar without there first being Les Paul.

The GM artists are as varied as they are amazing to listen to. Michael Molenda of Guitar Player Magazine states, Through these one-of-a-kind performances, you intimately hear—and feel—the guitar as an ever-evolving, ever-magical, apparatus of passion, guts, and sensitivity. Among the 25 total tracks is the little known song Gutty Guitar featuring Jeff Beck with Lord Sutch, produced by Jimmy Page in the Lord Sutch & Heavy Friend sessions. The CD also features the spectacular track Funk Me Tender from the Grammy Award winning guitarist Steve Vai. The hits keep coming as Leslie West performs the Led Zeppelin classic Moby Dick and bass extraordinaire Billy Sheehan shreds in his version of the Jeff Becks masterpiece Blue Wind. In addition, Volume 3 features the first new recording in four years by guitar virtuoso Gary Hoey, performing the Jeff Beck classic, El Becko. Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Chris Poland (Megadeth), Alex De Rosso (Dokken) & Hal Lindes (Dire Straits) all grace the guitar on new recordings to celebrate the genius of Les Paul. Many of these new classics were recorded, produced & engineered by Brian Tarquin in his Jungle Room Studios.

Tarquinius Maximus by Chris Poland & Brian

El Becko by Gary Hoey & Brian