Don Lappin: get skype lessons and pick up a free DVD!

Don Lappin says:
I am offering a great deal with my skype lessons and DVD!

Sign up for one month (weekly hourly lessons at $65 per hour) and I will send you a copy of "Don Lappin's Two-Hand Technique) for free! I have been using my DVD as an additional teaching aid and I am finding that it works amazing with the skype lessons!!!

Just so you know, the $65 an hour is my current "college student" rate; not my regular rate!

I currently have room for 4 or 5 more students so let me know! You can reach me through myspace or through my Berklee email; .. Thanks!

Don Lappin
Assistant Professor
Berklee College of Music

P.S. Did you know that it is now possible to record your skype lessons? Something to think about