Eric Gales, Mike Varney: at Prairie Sun Recording

Blues-rock ripper Eric Gales is at Prairie Sun recording his new full-length album which runs the gamut from down-home country blues to heavy, driving rock. The album, which draws inspiration from Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix showcases Gales uncompromising musical talent, sheer mastery of the guitar and his reverence for blues and the roots of rock.

Not his first album at Prairie Sun, Gales is working with a familiar team. Being signed to Shrapnel Label Group under the imprint Blues Bureau, Eric has recorded numerous albums with Shrapnel president Mike Varney as active producer and Prairie Suns Jason DOttavio working as head engineer and additional engineering by Prairie Sun owner Mark Mooka Rennick. The rhythm section formed by Eric Gales Band veteran bassist Steve Evans and Cotati, CA native drummer Aaron Haggerty provides a robust, yet dynamic backbone for Erics searing leads.

In This Video:
Watch Eric Gales, chief engineer Jason DOttavio, Prairie Sun owner Mooka Rennick, and Two-Rock Amps / K&M Designs Bill Krinard test prototype Two-Rock heads, and dial-in the killer tones that will appear on Eric Gales new record, scheduled for release in late August 2010.

Eric Gales Tests Amps at Prairie Sun Recording

Eric Gales Solo at Prairie Sun Recording


  1. tyrone rivera17/04/2010, 23:36

    You Are Blessed...

  2. Excellent as usual. Come play in Philly, PLEASE.

  3. Eric,
    Come on man don't waste any more time in jail. Your denying us your talents! Your brilliant!! This from an old white guy..:) Hope you get out of this most recent case and back on the road, the new CD is AWESOME!!
    Take care of yourself. Hope to see you soon. John

  4. I agree, man....this dude is WAY too talented to be behind bars. I am a fan of his. His new 2010 album Relentless is smokin'!!!

  5. "SMACK!" "SMACK!" SMACK!" Stay off the sauce. Now...(puts down belt) Your guitar is your only true friend Eric! Come play in Philly....its your time to shine. John Mayer is old news. Do something special to ramp it up! I KNOW YOU GOT IT!!!

  6. Robert H.

    Eric, lefty, upside down. Have you ever heard of Ronny Drayton? Check him out. He plays lefty and upside down too. Man, if you ready to go clean. Man, all I have to do is remember how bad I feel once I got high.


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