Marty Friedman: i heart guitar interview

The legendary Marty Friedman is on his way to Australia soon for a clinic tour for Allans Music. Marty is probably best known for his tenure in Megadeth’s classic ‘Rust In Peace’ line-up, where his amazing mastery of exotic melodies and seemingly limitless technical ability balanced out the ’street-style’ power of Dave Mustaine’s rhythm and lead work. But Marty’s playing has always been about much more than metal, and on such diverse albums as Scenes and Music For Speeding he combines a wide array of influences including classical, new age, and Japanese pop. Now a resident of Japan, Marty took time out from his busy schedule to have a chat with I Heart Guitar.

Is there anything about Western culture that you miss? Or do you get enough of it on tour?

I miss stuff like crazy sweet multi colored cereal and pop tarts, that`s about it. I hope I can get a hold of it in Australia…
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