News: ipod: SyncSing read manage scores and music sheets.

The program came out on April, 3rd 2010 on App Store and iTunes and is specially designed for guitarists, singers, pianists and other musicians.
SyncSing HD is the iPad version of SyncSing, a share and play application for iPhone, which allows performers and students importing, reading and managing their scores and music sheets and easily carry and share them with other users of the application.

Therefore, its iPad version simplifies the music practice thanks to dedicated features :

- Reading of yours sheet music in your iPad
- Editing of yours tabs, sheet musics and lyrics
- Playing and singing your songs in rhythm thanks to the import of audio files or use the Karaoke mode
- Internet research
- Page turning with automatic scroll
- Loop on difficult part to train

SyncSing HD (iPad version) is free on the US App Store since April, the 3rd: We invite you to try it to get your own experience.

You can also visit the website of the iPhone application: