Richard Hallebeek: Ziua Chitarelor II Bucharest

Richard Hallebeek doing his masterclass about breaking up scales and generating new ideas at Ziua Chitarelor II in Bucharest with Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Michael Angelo Batio, Brett Garsed and William Stravato

Richard Hallebeek at Ziua Chitarelor II Bucharest

in case you missed it... some cool fusion playing at the Conservatory Zwolle clinic Febr. 18th 2010

Richard Hallebeek playing 'Done' from the cd One Spirit

and a snippet from Enigma that describes Shawn Lane... this time played live by Richard Hallebeek and Lalle Larsson.

Richard Hallebeek - Enigma

and more live fusion soloing

Richard Hallebeek & Lalle Larsson solos - RHP