Roger Pedersen: Kernels In A Popcorn Machine release date

Roger Pedersen's new CD Kernels In A Popcorn Machine will get a release date of 3th of May 2010. You can get a copy from:

Roger Pedersen plays instrumental guitar music. February 2009 edition of the American Guitar Player Magazine had coverage of Roger Pedersen in the column "Editor Boys Big Eight". Editor Michael Molenda writes about Roger Pedersen's music and playing: Pedersen s notes seem to bounce off his fingers like kernels in a popcorn machine. His wonderfully off-kilter melodies and slippin and slidin bends add to the illusion thatt youre being pelted by shards of strange yet beguiling music. This is a good lesson on employing formidable technique in a uniquely musical way. Guitar Player Magazine is considered to be the most respected guitar publication in the world!

Roger Pedersen- Lost In Space (AXE FX).wmv

The Norwegian guitarist Roger Pedersen began his guitar career in 1986 and got his breakthrough with the band Heaven in 1989. They hit the charts for years. "Kernels In A Popcorn Machine" consists of 14 instrumental tracks, sometimes referred to as guitar acrobatics, in technical terms called Shredding. Unlike many others in this genre, Pedersen adds elements of jazz and melody. He also has a much "cleaner" guitar sound with less distortion than is usual in this genre. That does not make it easier to play this type of music. Please visit for more information.

Roger Pedersen -Just for fun - funky guitar shred

Roger Pedersen- Warp Speed Monkey- guitar