Sultan Sawalha: Andy James shredding competition

Sultan Sawalha says:
Hey guys, so i recorded the harmony guitar on its own as well as the melody just to make the track more intresting in my opinion. Rather that just shred and improvise over the track i thought i would try to develop more of a song melody. Hope you guys like it !!!!!!!
Andy james is a big influence on me ( \m/ to you Andy James)
i have a old digital camera so i hope the sound turned out ok :) (Sorry about that)
Please rate and comment !!!
HOPE I HAVE A SHOT at this contest (Keep up true metal \m/)
Note: I recorded the solo live with my digital camera and it sounded really bad, because the main lead guitar overshadowed the harmony guitars. So i recorded the solo separtaly on a track made it a mp3 file and just played along :) \m/
Sultan Sawalha Solo Entry _ Andy James Contest Entry