Kosta Vreto: Paul DiAnno rockrace tour interview

Kosta Vreto:
First of all I have to say it's a huge honor to play along side a musician idol like Paul DiAnno and I'm glad I have this opportunity. Except from the shivering feeling of sharing the stage with Mr Beast himself, I really don't find it hard in any matter and let me explain my point on that. Most of the playlist consists of early Iron Maiden songs that I've been listening since a teenager, so the tunes are really fixed on my mind. As for the Paul Dianno songs, they are familiar to me and I consider them to be great heavy metal tunes.Technically, the hardest thing I find in these songs is to get the right feeling onstage as they are recorded, but I am overconfident in this matter as the band is consisted of really great musicians. From a physical aspect, things will be a lot easier. After all I've been quite busy preparing, playing at least two or three live shows everyweek for the last five or so years.

Rockrace: Which Greek cities are you gonna visit?
Kosta Vreto: The tour will begin in my hometown Thessaloniki on May 18th and after that we're going to visit Volos (May 19th), Patra(May 20th), Athens(May21st) and our last stop is at Chania(May 22nd).
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